In order to complete the registration process for a MAVtravel LLC tour/program, you are REQUIRED to read the following important information BEFORE submitting your online registration form.


  • By submitting my online registration form with my electronic signature, I confirm that I accept the Terms and Conditions of this document.
  • Furthermore, by submitting my online registration form I confirm that my passport name matches EXACTLY the full name as listed on my passport including middle name(s) or initial(s). Any discrepancy may result in cancellation, change fees, new and higher airfares or denial of services. 



A non-refundable initial deposit per person is required to complete your registration for your MAVtravel tour/program. Deposits are due within 48 hours of submitting your registration form. MAVtravel LLC reserves the right to cancel your reservation should your deposit not be received in a timely fashion or other registrants who have paid their deposits fill the tour/program to capacity.

CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS: We accept most major credit and debit cards via PayPal, Inc., MAVtravel’s payment services provider. In order to process your payment, you will need to provide MAVtravel the cardholder's information, including billing address, and the card details. Should your name not be on the card being used to make payment, by signing this agreement you confirm you have the card holder’s permission to use their card to apply payment on a MAVtravel tour/program registration. 

Convenience fees to be paid by the traveler or purchaser are as follows: credit/debit card payments incur a  convenience fee of 3.5% of the payment amount; while travelers pay the convenience fee associated with card payments, MAVtravel covers the per transaction fee charged by PayPal, Inc.

FINAL PAYMENTS: Full payment must be made no later than the final payment due date of the tour/program for which you registered. Late fee penalties apply if payments are not received by the due date specified. MAVtravel accepts payment by check, money order or major credit/debit cards. Processing fees will apply if applicable. Please contact MAVtravel for more information on fees.  

REVISION FEE: Any revision to travel arrangements made after the original registration has been processed will incur a $50-100 handling fee per new reservation. We cannot accept revisions within 90 days of departure.


Partial refunds will only be issued on the second through final deposits if a replacement traveler is secured, registered and paid in full to date 75 days prior to departure. No refunds will be provided 0-74 days prior to departure.

NOTIFICATION OF CANCELLATIONS: All cancellations must be advised in writing (e-mail) to MAVtravel.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: Travel insurance protection is strongly encouraged if it is not provided in your tour/program. If you would like to purchase travel insurance, please contact MAVtravel LLC for more information.

SUPPLIER PARTNER SURCHARGES: Prior to full payment there is a potential for a price increase(s) due to fuel surcharges imposed by airlines or other suppliers, as well as the potential for increases in government-levied taxes and fees. MAVtravel reserves the right to adjust the tour itinerary to fit within the budget/program fee. Once issued, airlines tickets are fully non-refundable.

TRAVELERS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS: Travelers who require special assistance must advise MAVtravel at time of registration and must travel with a qualified travel companion who will also be required to register and pay in full for the tour/program. MAVtravel drivers and guides cannot provide individualized help for walking, getting on/off motor coaches or other personal needs. As coaches are not equipped with wheelchair ramps, all tour members must be able to mount 3 or 4 steps into coach. Motorized scooters are unsuitable for touring. MAVtravel is not responsible for denial of services by carriers, hotels, restaurants, or other independent suppliers, nor any additional expenses incurred. Due to space restrictions, passengers wishing to take wheel chairs, oxygen tanks, walkers or other assistive devices must send a request in writing for approval. MAVtravel reserves the right to remove any individual from a tour who has not provided the advance notification.

TRANSPORTATION: It is the responsibility of the traveler to arrive on time for all travel arrangements. Should scheduled transportation be missed by the traveler, it is the responsibility of the traveler to purchase additional transportation to meet the rest of the tour/program travelers at the scheduled destination. 

Air, train, or ferry travel may be ticketed individually or as a group.

Coach trips are usually operated by 28-49 seat motor coaches. When passenger numbers are low, a smaller coach may be used. 

ACCOMMODATION: Program fees for MAVtravel tours are based on multiple occupancy and minimum participation requirements per tour/program. Single occupancy registrations will incur additional programs fees. Accommodation in hotels, country houses/manors and high quality hostels will be clean, comfortable and will include private bathrooms whenever possible.

DIETARY RESTRICTIONS: Every effort will be made to accommodate dietary restrictions. Travelers with severe allergies should be advised that neither MAVtravel LLC nor the college/university and tour/program hosts shall be held liable for any resulting illness or injury.

SITE VISITS, ENTERTAINMENT, ITINERARIES AND OTHER PLANNED ACTITIVIES: MAVtravel reserves the right to substitute visits, entertainment, itineraries and other program features when establishments are closed or cannot be visited for reasons beyond our control, or for the general convenience of the group.

LUGGAGE: MAVtravel will not be responsible for the handling of luggage. Each traveler must be able to handle their own luggage and is restricted to one bag, one carry-on and one personal item such as a small backpack, purse, or laptop case. Checked baggage size should not exceed the tour/program airline maximum dimension allowance and weight should be 50 lbs or less. MAVtravel highly encourages tour leaders of two-week or less tours to impose a “no checked baggage” policy on departure flights fromthe U.S. since lost baggage can cause trip disturbances and stress on the tour group. Luggage is carried at owner's risk throughout the tour. Trunk space in coaches is limited so travelers are asked to pack lightly. Airlines impose their own restrictions, with which travelers must comply. MAVtravel will provide information no later than 60 days prior to tour departure regarding luggage restrictions and additional costs which may be imposed by the airline utilized on the tour.

SMOKING POLICY: Smoking is not permitted on any motor coach, train, flight or other forms of transportation. Hotel policies may also not permit smoking on their premises.

NOT INCLUDED: All items of a personal nature (room service, beverages, telephone charges, laundry, special food requests, etc.) and meals or gratuities not specified on the tour itinerary are not included and must be paid by the traveler.

UNUSED TOUR ARRANGEMENTS: MAVtravel LLC cannot make refunds or exchanges for unused accommodations, services or features of any tour unless agreed upon in writing prior to departure.

PHOTO RELEASE: MAVtravel LLC has permission to use traveler photographs for purposes of MAVtravel LLC advertising and promotion. Traveler images may be used in print publications, online publications, presentations, websites and social media. No royalty, fee or other compensation shall be payable to traveler by reason of such use.

RESPONSIBILITY: MAVtravel LLC does not own or operate any person or entity which is to or does provide goods or services for your tour, including, for example, lodging facilities, transportation companies, local ground operators, tourist attractions, local guides and restaurant facilities. As a result, MAVtravel LLC is not liable for any negligent or willful act or failure to act of any such person or entity. In addition, MAVtravel LLC is not liable for any negligent or willful act or failure to act of any person or entity it does not own or control, nor for any act or inaction of any other third parties not under its control. Without limitation MAVtravel LLC is not liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental damage, injury, death, loss, accident, delay, inconvenience or irregularity of any kind which may be occasioned by reason of any act or omission beyond its control,  including, without limitation any willful or negligent act, failure to act, breach of contract or violation of local law or regulation of any third party such as an airline, train, hotel, bus, taxi, van, local ground handler or guide, financial default or insolvency of any supplier which is to, or does supply any goods or services for this trip. MAVtravel LLC is not liable for any loss, injury, death or inconvenience due to delay or changes in schedule, overbooking of accommodation, default, insolvency or bankruptcy of any third party, attacks by animals, sickness, the lack of appropriate medical care, evacuation to same, if necessary, weather, strikes, acts of God or government, acts of terrorism, or the threat thereof, force majeure, war, quarantine, epidemics, or the threat thereof, criminal activity, or any other cause beyond its control. MAVtravel LLC reserves the right at its sole discretion to alter the itinerary as it may deem necessary or advisable. MAVtravel LLC reserves the right at its sole discretion to decline to accept or retain any passenger on any of its tours if it deems accepting or retaining any such person as being detrimental to the tour. In the event any passenger is removed from a trip, MAVtravel LLC’s only obligation is to refund to that person that portion of the payment allocable to unused services that are refundable. Each provision of this clause is severable and if any provision is held to be illegal, void or enforceable in whole or in part, the legality, validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not be affected or impaired. Changes in these Terms and Conditions can be made only in writing signed by the owner/operator of MAVtravel LLC. It is travellers' responsibility to obtain the correct travel documentation (passport, visa, identifications) for the destination(s) to be visited. MAVtravel LLC is not responsible for penalties incurred for tickets, international or domestic, not issued by MAVtravel LLC due to schedule and/or flight changes.

BINDING ARBITRATION: Any disputes concerning this contract or other literature about your tour or the tour itself shall be resolved solely and exclusively in Johnson County, Indiana.